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Education plays an important role in the survival and success of Singapore as a nation. It is essential for Singaporeans to keep up with the changing times, or in other words, remain adaptable. It is an integral part of the economic development and nation-building of Singapore.

Today, the education system in Singapore aims to nurture the child holistically. Education means developing the child morally, intellectually, physically, socially and aesthetically. The basis of every child’s education is his values, for this is where the foundation of a person lies. From these spring the child’s outlook on life and his goals in life too. Indeed, the current education system places great emphasis on shaping the morals of children.

Singapore's education system has 2 founding policies, and even today, they continue to play an important role in day-to-day policy making. They are none other than multiracialism and meritocracy, of which the latter we shall examine closely.